Sunday, April 1, 2012

No. 121: The smart house market grows responding to ever increasing demand for energy-saving houses (3/8) (April 1, 2012)

Business trend of the smart house market (3/8)
LED and organic LED
LED plays a very important role in the smart house business, and LED producers are busily expanding production capacity. Mitsubishi Chemical is building a plan to produce gallium nitride substrates. LED illuminations currently on the market are based on sapphire substrate, but gallium nitride substrate consumes 50-70% less power and is more resistant to high power than sapphire substrate. The new plant will start producing gallium nitride substrates for 100,000 LED bulbs per month starting in coming October. The company plans to increase LED-related sales including sales of gallium nitride substrates from 21 billion yen in 2011 to 100 billion yen in 2015. The company president said, “Organic solar battery, lithium-ion battery materials, and gallium nitride substrate will become the three sacred treasures for the growth of his company.”

Sumitomo Chemical focuses on organic electroluminescence. It has a high degree of energy efficiency because it emits light by itself. In addition, as the lighting fixture can be as thin as several centimeters thick, it is possible to create a ceiling that emits light. The company plans to increase the brightness and decrease the price comparable to a fluorescent lamp toward 2015. According to a research company, the domestic LED market is estimated at 140 billion yen, of which 93 billion yen was sales of LED lamps, in 2011.  

A railway station in Tokyo illuminated by organic electroluminescence lighting

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