Thursday, April 19, 2012

No. 123: Toyota builds a plant factory to grow paprika using waste heat coming from the adjacent car manufacturing plant (April 19, 2012)

Toyota and Toyota Tsusho jointly announced that they would build a plant factory to grow paprika in the land adjacent to a plant of Central Motor that is one of Toyota’s subsidiaries. The plant factory will utilize waste heat coming from the in-house power generation of CentralMotor and reduce the cost to heat the greenhouses by 25%. Vegi Dream, a Toyota Tsusho’s subsidiary, will borrow a 3 ha site and build a large-scale steel house with a growing area of 1.8 ha. The factory plant will be ready for production in January 2013, and will grow 315 tons of paprika per year.

Heat generated by the cogeneration equipment introduced by Central Motor boils water that is used for heating the greenhouse during nighttime. This project is part of Toyota’s “F-Grid Concept” designed for effective usage of energy inside an industrial complex. Vegi Dream already built three paprika farms with a total area of 5 ha. The new plant factory is the third one of this company.   

 Toyota's F-Grid Concept

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