Monday, September 17, 2012

No. 134: EnerNOC comes to Japan (September 17, 2012)

Business trend:
EnerNOC of the U.S. starts developing the market of demand response in Japan in alliance with Marubeni. The two companies measure power consumption of companies and plants and install smart meters to provide the system called demand response. EnerNOC operates the power saving system using its the server in the U.S., and Marubeni markets the service to Japanese companies. EnerNOC has a total of 12,000 customers worldwide and achieved power saving of 8 million kW equivalent to 8 nuclear power plants around the world. Marubeni will sell saved power it gets from its customers to electric power companies, and Marubeni and customers split the revenue.

As the first project in Japan, the two companies got an order from Kansai Electric Power and constructed a system to control power demand. They provided the system with control devices to about 10 buildings in the Kansai district for free. Hitachi and Toshiba are also in the middle of the substantiative experiment of their demand response systems. Because electric power companies maintain equipment to satisfy the peak demand, there is room to reduce the maintenance cost by decreasing power demand in peak time. 

 Demand response by EnerNOC

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