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No. 122: Solar heat application (4/8) (April 15, 2012)

Business trend of the smart house market (4/8)
Solar water heater
Solar heat application is divided into two methods: using calorie of solar heat, such as solar system and solar water heater, and using energy of solar heat by converting it as electricity energy, such as photovoltaic generation and solar battery. The solar water heater is divided into the natural circulation type and the controlled circulation type solar system, and the applications have expanded from hot-water supply to heating and cooling. In particular, the solar collector called solar wall was highly praised by the United State Department of Energy.

Devices using solar heat have a high degree of energy conversion efficiency, and the installation cost is relatively low. In addition, they maintain high cost efficiency. Japanese solar heat application devices enjoy a high popularity in the world thanks to their high in performance and durability. Generally, a household creates hot water using a solar water heater and applies the water to heating, bath, and kitchen work. Because one third of household’s carbon dioxide emission is from water heating, solar water heater is an excellent idea. 

Popular solar heat application: 
Water in the container is heated by sunlight, and hot water is used for heating, bath, and kitchen work. 
Water heating system using sunlight

Players in solar heat application

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