Monday, March 26, 2012

No. 120: The smart house market grows responding to ever increasing demand for energy-saving houses (2/8) (March 27, 2012)

Business trend of the smart house market (2/8)
Storage battery
With the development of the smart house concept, it will become possible to realize self-support of required electricity, sell surplus electricity, share electricity between house and car, and make life in house more convenient. Accordingly, a device to store electricity will grow indispensable to our daily life.

A research firm conducted interviews with major players of the storage battery market and found that the market would increase 40 times over the level in 2011 to 935 million WH. The market was about 23,000 WH in volume and 15,600,000 yen in value in 2011. Of the total shipments, lithium-ion battery accounted for 75%, lead 24%, and NA 1%. Lead battery accounted for 55% of storage batteries for new residential houses. Portable storage battery accounted for 55.8%, followed by stationary battery with 30.4%. A total of 21 types of stationary battery were shipped in 2011, of which five used lead battery and 16 employed lithium-ion battery. The average cost of WH was 427,000 yen for lead battery and 512,000 yen for lithium-ion battery.

Housing companies are introducing houses equipped with storage battery one after another, it is well expected that the market will grow substantially beginning this year. 
 NEC's storage battery system for smart house

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