Saturday, March 24, 2012

No. 119: The smart house market grows responding to ever increasing demand for energy-saving houses (1/8) (March 25, 2012)

Business trend of the smart house market (1/8)
Photovoltaic generation
Facing power shortage due to the March 11 disaster in the Tohoku district, Japan is required to work out measures for an even more energy-saving society. Supported by IT technology, the smart house market is growing rapidly and expected to reach 12 trillion yen worldwide in 2020. It covers a wide variety of industries including generation, energy-saving equipment, sensors, and management systems. This article is the first of the eight articles on various industrial fields involved in the smart house market. It focuses on the photovoltaic generation business and the relations of companies involved in the business.

According to a research firm, the smart house business excluding housing structure was 2,708 billion yen in 2011 and it will grow to about 12,000 billion yen in 2020 worldwide. Japan is the largest market, accounting for 30% of the world market. The business model of smart house has not been established, but it will ultimately be a smart community that can supply energy for itself even in a time of disaster through the collaboration of such distributed power sources as photovoltaic generation, wind generation, and generation using waste heat and waste materials. In a sense, efforts for faster recovery of the areas devastated by the March 11 disaster facilitate the growth of the smart house business in Japan. 

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