Thursday, November 1, 2012

No. 136: BEMS is spreading among medium-sized companies (November 1, 2012)

Business trend:
The building energy management system (BEMS) is spreading among medium-sized companies. Orix, that is a multi business company, started to introduce a BEMS into a medium-sized company without an initial cost. Orix installs a power monitoring system in buildings, shops, and facilities at its own expense, and pays monthly communication cost. Orix collects investment from part of the value that a building saved. It pays up to 80% of the saved value to the client as a reward. In the case of a facility that uses 16 million yen for electricity annually, saved value is 3,200,000 yen if electricity is saved 20%. In this case, Orix collects 640,000 yen, while the remaining 2,560,000 yen is the cost that the client reduced with the help of the BEMS. Because it takes long to collect all the introduction cost, the client cannot cancel the contract for five years in principle.

IBM Japan will launch a service to reduce power consumption of buildings jointly with AEON that is one of Japan’s leading supermarket chains. In the initial stage, the two companies plan to install the system in AEON’s 180 outlets across the country. Toshiba will market a system that monitors power consumption for 24 hours utilizing the elevator monitoring system it has accumulated. Toshiba’s system starts at one million yen. Hitachi will also market a small BEMS to small facilities. Tokyo Gas works with its groups companies to control power consumption at a peak period and offers six different kinds of BEMS products and services.

Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

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