Thursday, March 10, 2011

No. 66: New way to utilize unused energy with the aid of water right (March 11, 2011)

Nippon Koei, consulting firm in the construction of energy infrastructure, will start the service to provide power without carbon dioxide emissions. The company purchases power from small-sized hydraulic plants to be constructed in the area distant from the demand center and transmits power to end users using power grids of electric power companies. It will propose this method as a new way to utilize unused energy to local governments and agricultural organizations that do not use their rights to use water dropping from great heights. It will construct new small hydraulic generators on the rivers and agricultural waterways managed by local governments and agricultural organizations and transmit power to municipal offices and agricultural pumps. Power necessary for repair and inspection will be purchased from an electric power company.

Japan is estimated to have more than 10,000 points nationwide where a small hydraulic power plant with an output of less than 1,000 kW, which does not need big facilities like dam, can be constructed. They are mostly located in the areas distant from the urban area where consumers get together. Nippon Koei plans to construct several small hydraulic power plants complete with this new service in the decade ahead.

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