Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No. 63: Support business for the introduction of photovoltaic generation (November 24, 2010)

Several companies will start the support business for the introduction of photovoltaic generation. Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance will start the lease business for large-scale photovoltaic generation equipment. The company will lease photovoltaic generation equipment with an output of several tens of kilowatts to help manufacturing plants introduce photovoltaic generation equipment. It wishes to increase the sales to several billions of yen in three years.

Taisei Corp. will begin construction support service of large-scale photovoltaic generation to be built in an ex-waste disposal site for local governments. The company is now accumulating know-how for selecting the most suitable construction method responding to the foundation strength and wind velocity in an ex-waste disposal site in Mie Prefecture. Although waste disposal sites usually cannot be diverted to other uses because of the legal constraints even if they are filled up, they are suitable for photovoltaic generation because they are big in area and sun-kissed. It will submit proposals of photovoltaic generation to local governments with emphasis on the cost-benefit performance.

Itochu Techno Solutions will launch the service to estimate electricity generated of photovoltaic generation equipment. The company estimates electricity generated on the basis of such factors as the amount of sunlight of the candidate site and examine the feasibility of construction projects planned by power companies. The service costs several hundreds of thousand yen per project.

Surplus power generated by photovoltaic generation equipment at homes and plants is currently purchased by power companies. The Japanese government examining the possibility of purchasing whole amount of electricity generated with a view to introducing a policy in 2012 at the earliest. The policy is expected to ask power companies to purchase sunlight energy generated for the purpose of generating electricity.

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